Getting Through My Reading Queue With Kagi

I’m a sicko for trawling the internet and loading up Instapaper with things to read later.

Which means, you’ll be shocked to hear, my reading queue can get large and unmanageble.

Longer articles tend to stay in the queue unread for quite a while.

Often, as with my productivity system, I’ll declare read later bankruptcy, archive a bunch of the stale articles, and walk away a little disappointed in myself.

Kagi’s Universal Summariser to the rescue!

Now, when I scroll through my queue and see those intransient “40 minutes to read” articles, I put their URL into the Kagi summariser.

If the concise summary it provides piques my interest I’ll ask for the key moments summary.

Then…I’ll usually still archive it. But! I feel a little better about life. 😎