Better Kindle Reading

I read the majority of my books on my Kindle. The Kindle’s convenience is pretty hard to beat and I enjoy its highlighting and note-taking features.

With that said, I find I miss the context that a physical book provides. It’s much easier to breezily flick around a physical book to find previous sections you’ve read or peek ahead to see what’s coming up.

Recently I fired up the Kindle for Mac and found that I can get better context and a view of my highlights all at once. Open it up in widescreen, open the contents and notes and highlights sidebars, and boom baby, you can see a summary of where you are in the table of contents and what passages you’ve highlighted or bookmarked on the right.

Kindle for Mac with both sidebars open

I find this arrangement particularly helpful when reviewing a book I’ve previously read. Have a crack yourself, see if you like it.