What am I up to now?

This now page was last updated on the 26th September, 2023.

Living 🏡

Soaking up the winter rain at home in Perth, Western Australia.

Working 💼

I work remotely full-time as the Head of Technology at Envato.

Photography 📷

I’m trying to get better at capturing people in my street photography.

Lately I’ve been enjoying shooting more at night.

Reading 📚

On the fiction side of things I’m on a sci-fi kick. I’m reading Wool after watching season one of Silo.

On the non-fiction side of the fence I’m reading The Psychology of Money, Thanks for the Feedback, and Build.

Yes that’s too many books at once and I will not be stopped.

Watching 📺

I’m back into Foundation season two after I heard it gets better towards the end.

I’ve started The Peripheral even though they cancelled season two. I figure I can read the book if I enjoy it and want to continue.

Playing 🎲

Getting my old school RPG on in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Playing Uno Flip, Four-card Golf, and Mindbug with the kids.

Listening 🎧

Trying to replace some of my pop culture podcast listening with audiobooks.

Listening to whole albums most days. I can’t get enough of Fear Inoculum at the moment.